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Dental, Cosmetic & Laser Treatments in Chertsey, Surrey
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Dental, Cosmetic & Laser Treatments in Chertsey, Surrey

Telephone 01932 570 099


Estetica Blog
News & stories relating to our dental & cosmetic treatments.

Estetica - Dr Sina Salimi & Jeremy KyleTelevision celebrity Jeremy Kyle opened the new premises of Estetica, having spent many an hour in the seat at Chertsey’s leading cosmetic dentist.

Kyle, whose daytime programme concentrates on the challenges of often dysfunctional lives, freely admits to his phobia of dentists and how Estetica has helped him deal with his worries.

In an interview with Sheengate Publishing journalist Rob Edwards, Kyle said; “I had a terrible experience about 15 years ago. I was absolutely terrified.”

“A tooth shattered and it started to go down my throat. The guy started to panic and the nurse started to panic, and you just think, jeez!”

But Estetica owner Dr Sina Salimi, a Dental Phobia Certified dentist, sprung to the rescue with a service that Kyle finds decidedly more palatable.

TV Celebrity Jeremy Kyle will perform the official opening of the new premises of Estetica, a private Surrey dentist, on December 20 in Chertsey, Surrey.

The new building features state-of-the-art equipment and treatment rooms where patients can receive ground-breaking treatments with the latest technology.

Estetica is run by Dr Sina Salimi, an expert in cosmetic dentistry including services such as smile makeovers, tooth whitening, veneers and all porcelain restorations.

Dr Salimi, a Dental Phobia Certified dentist, said, “Since opening in 2002, Estetica has offered the very best dental practices and procedures in a very caring and friendly environment. Our aim is to provide the highest quality dental care at an affordable price.

estetica-launch-imageDo you crave the perfect smile and body shape? Most of us long for a smile that shows off a perfect set of white teeth and a body to match. Here at Estetica, we offer affordable cosmetic dentistry, botox and the latest in laser treatment by a team of qualified professionals.

We at Estetica recognise that for busy people, social media is a great place for us to keep you updated and so over the coming months we will be sending out our news by Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. providing regular articles aimed at providing useful information to those patients and prospective customers of Estetica, who might be interested in finding out more about our dental treatments, cosmetic treatments and body treatments.

We are a private Surrey dentist using the most advanced treatments and the latest technology sourced from around the world. We are dedicated to bringing the best in dental and cosmetic treatment to our patients.

2010 is a special year for Estetica. For Seven years, Estetica and our dedicated team of professionals have given Surrey the best in dental surgery, smile makeover and facial rejuvenation. And our aim has remained the same since the start – to offer you the highest quality service at an affordable cost. But we are not just celebrating the past, but looking forward to the future by bringing you the latest technologies and treatments. This year, we will be one of the only practices in Surrey to be introducing VelaShape – a truly amazing secret to help women create a perfect body shape.


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