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Dental, Cosmetic & Laser Treatments in Chertsey, Surrey
Telephone 01932 570 099 | Email
Call 07821 119 351 between 6pm - 10pm to book

Dental, Cosmetic & Laser Treatments in Chertsey, Surrey

Telephone 01932 570 099

Call 07821 119 351 between 6pm - 10pm to book


About Estetica
Estetica is a private dentist in Chertsey, Surrey, offering affordable cosmetic dentistry and anti-wrinkle injections by a team of qualified professionals.

Estetica has been featured on Jeremy Kyle's new investigative TV series "The Kyle Files"

See Dr Sina Salimi talking to Jeremy Kyle below:

Episode 5 - Cosmetic Industry

Business is booming for the cosmetic surgery industry - but concerns have been raised about a lack of regulation. Jeremy speaks to women who are obsessed with beauty procedures, as well as those who have been permanently disfigured by them, about the risks they are running - and he tries two procedures investigated in the programme.

Series overview

In this brand new series for ITV, Jeremy Kyle investigates high-profile issues that impact on people's lives across Britain today, from legal highs to knife crime, and from underage drinking to plastic surgery.

Each week, Jeremy and the production team tackle each issue head on - attending police raids, accompanying paramedics at the scene of emergencies, hearing from experts, gathering incriminating evidence through a variety of methods including undercover filming, and confronting wrong-doers.

He also meets people whose lives have been deeply affected by each issue, to hear their stories first hand.


Sina, Parisa and Jeremey - Jeremy Kyle Bites Back at Critics

Reality talk show host, Jeremy Kyle, gave Chertsey's new cosmetic dentist, Estetica, his sparkling endorsement, writes Rob Edwards

The ITV star, whose infamous daytime programme chews over the challenges of often dysfunctional lives, freely admits an enduring phobia of dentists.

"I had a terrible experience about 15 years ago," says Kyle. "I was absolutely terrified."

"A tooth shattered and it started to go down my throat. The guy started to panic and the nurse started to panic, and you just think, jeez!"

But Dr Sina Salimi, a Dental Phobia Certified dentist and owner of the new clinic, provides a service that Kyle finds decidedly more palatable.

"I think it's quality and I think it's class and I think it's value for money," Kyle tells me. "It's a good place to come. I can literally, honestly tell you I was terrified of the dentist. Now it's great."

To escape the hubbub of the London Street practice' launch party, we adjourn to an elegantly fitted surgery.

"I live locally, and I work in America, in London, Manchester, but I would always come here or send for him," says Kyle.

"This man just did everything I wanted doing and I never ever, ever felt any pain."

"I extol the virtues of him."

Kyle is relaxed, or as relaxed as one can be in a dental surgery. He has a self-deprecating humour that puts those present at ease.

"Sina said the best quote ever," Kyle laughs, pointing at the proud dentist, who nips in and out to attend to his guests.

"I'd been under sedation, and he said to me, 'My god I know why you're a talk show host! You never stopped frigging well talking even when you were out!'"

It's a rare opportunity to meet an individual who causes so much contention. I was determined to hear Kyle's response to his critics.

"I say this in America, and they don't get it – the show's Marmite, right? Half the United Kingdom want me to be Prime Minister, the other half would like me to be exterminated. That's it! You know, there's really no middle ground!"

"With a television show like that, you stick your head above the parapet, people are either going to love it or hate it. The thing about The Jeremy Kyle Show, and I love this, it's the middle class's guilty secret."

"Somebody once said to me the working classes will watch the Jeremy Kyle Show because that's absolutely their life, encapsulated in a microcosm. The upper classes love it as well."

"It is what it is. It's not the end of the world. It's a television show."

Kyle started out his public life on the radio airwaves with his own late night call-in show. 2,000 episodes on, The Jeremy Kyle Show is now into its eighth year.

"We wanted to be slightly different. We wanted aftercare," says Kyle, comparing his work to similar programmes in the UK and the States that have come under fire.

"It's a television show, and if you show an hour of counselling, nobody would watch it. But there is a moral responsibility to give a beginning, middle and an end point for the show.

"I don't know the exact figures, but it was over 300 people last year that The Jeremy Kyle Show put into detox and rehab units. And that for me, as a father of four, is important to me."

In 2007, when a guest was convicted of an assault committed on set, a Manchester district judge called the show a "human form of bear-baiting." Kyle dismisses the comments.

"If you honestly believe that you can do something like this on a daily basis and you're not going to attract criticism, you'd be pretty naïve," Kyle cautions.

"I mean, you can't win. Journalists, critics, whatever, will say, 'So, do you care about these people?' And you say yes, we provide this aftercare service. And they'll say, 'What are you trying to do, change people's lives?'

"No. What you do is, you give them the tools by which they might change their own lives."

"It wasn't until I travelled to America, and I say this very honestly, you realise that people need that outlet. The show is an outlet for many."

The straight-talking host returns with renewed bite this year with a brand new series.

"I have to be honest, I have to be open, and that's the way it is," he says, raising his hands. "I just don't think it's rocket science. It's television."

Rocket science? No. Pulling teeth? Perhaps.

Chertsey dental surgery

Jeremy KyleTV celebrity, Jeremy Kyle, a long-standing Estetica client, will open new state-of-the-art equipment and treatment rooms in Chertsey.

Estetica is a private practice run by Dr Sina Salimi, an expert in cosmetic dentistry. Dr Salimi says: “We are very pleased to have Jeremy open our new London Street building. Since starting in 2002, estetica has offered the very best dental practices and procedures in a caring and friendly environment. Our aim is to provide the highest quality dental care at an affordable price.”

• Cosmetic Dentistry
• Smile Makeover
• Facial Aesthetic
• Advanced Restorative Dentistry

All provided at an affordable price from experts with many years of experience.

A comprehensive list of services includes tooth whitening, veneers and all porcelain restorations. Estetica offers affordable cosmetic dentistry where patients can receive ground-breaking treatments using the latest technology.

The practice also provides selected treatments complementary to dentistry including Botox, Restylane and facial rejuvenation. Estetica Cosmetic and Laser prides itself on providing a safe and calm environment, making procedures as relaxing as possible, Multiple different treatments are available to suit all needs and requirements.

Jeremy Kyle adds: "I have been visiting Sina with my family for over two years now and cannot recommend him highly enough. Myself and my youngest daughter have been particularly nervous about visiting dentists historically due to previous experience. Since visiting Dr Salimi, I no longer fear the dentist and the result is a fabulous smile I am not afraid to show off."

40% Off Teeth Whitening
Download the PDF file here, print it out and bring it with you to the surgery to get 40% Off your Teeth Whitening.

Top Five Tooth Friendly Foods this Christmas
1. Cheese! Christmas isn’t complete without a decent cheeseboard, so as you’re tucking into a chunk of cheddar you’ll be pleased to know that not only is it rich in calcium, which promotes healthy teeth, it also balances out the PH in your mouth which lessens the damaging effects of acid from a festive glass of wine on tooth enamel and helps kill bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease

2. We often have bowls of snacks lying about at Christmas, but instead of opting for crisps, why not opt for nuts instead? Peanuts (unsalted if possible) contain calcium and vitamin D, both vital for oral health as well as your general health. Walnuts, which are often used in puddings and cakes, also contain zinc fibre, folic acid, iron, thiamine, magnesium, vitamin E & B6, potassium and zinc – all of which play an important role in keeping our teeth and gums healthy

3. Christmas lunch is renowned for its abundance of vegetables. Broccoli and carrots in particular are great for your oral health as they contain vitamin A which help strengthens the tooth enamel

4. Crudités will promote good oral health as, because they are eaten raw, they massage your gums, which encourage blood flow, and clean your teeth too

5. The humble turkey provides us with a great source of protein, which is rich in phosphorus. This combines with calcium and vitamin D to make our teeth (and bones). By eating plenty of protein you will help reduce tooth decay and keep your teeth strong and healthy

Top Five Teeth Rotters this Christmas
1. Sweets, biscuits and cakes – Although the endless supply of chocolate and puddings it so tempting, try to keep them to a minimum as sugars are a prime cause of the acidic biofilm which causes dental decay. Acid resulting from frequent consumption of refined sugar dissolves the minerals essential for healthy teeth. When you do indulge, its best to have sweets in one go after your meal, rather than picking throughout the day

2. Fizzy drinks – If you like a bit of fizz in your soft drinks or mixers why not opt for soda water. Fizzy drinks are loaded with sugar and even sugar-free or diet drinks are still acidic and in excess can cause tooth enamel to erode away. But, if you can’t resist them, use a straw as this will lessen direct contact with your teeth

3. Processed cereals – Breakfast may not be the most important meal when it comes to the festive season, but if you’re looking to grab something quick and easy to set you up for the day try to avoid processed cereals as you’ll be amazed at how much sugar is hidden in these, much better to opt for porridge or bran based cereals – or, better still eggs! Either clean your teeth before you eat or half an hour after, to avoid damaging your enamel

4. Crisps - Cooked starch breaks down into component sugars – the main enemy for teeth. Why not opt for carbs low on the glycaemic index such as vegetable crisps instead?

5. Wine – We all love a glass of wine or two at Christmas, but white wine can be very acidic and contribute to enamel erosion, try drinking it just at your main meal, as drinking little and often is far worse than drinking once a day. Red wine can also increase the risk of staining, especially if you forget to brush your teeth as often as you should with the distractions of festive fun! If you are drinking red wine, try to remember to leave a gap before you brush your teeth to remove any stains

Estetica, 21a London Street, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 8AP
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