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Dental, Cosmetic & Laser Treatments in Chertsey, Surrey
Telephone 01932 570 099 | Email
Call 07821 119 351 between 6pm - 10pm to book

Dental, Cosmetic & Laser Treatments in Chertsey, Surrey

Telephone 01932 570 099

Call 07821 119 351 between 6pm - 10pm to book


Estetica Blog
News & stories relating to our dental & cosmetic treatments.

I’ve done some research and seems there are three main reasons some Mums would like to try “anti wrinkle injections ” but are unsure about booking Anti-Wrinkle injections.

School Gate Horror – It’ll be way too drastic and Sharon from Brownies might find out.

The Stunned Mullet – I will not be able to move my face from a mildly surprised freshwater fish look.

A Second mortgage – It’s too expensive and I cannot sell my kidney.



Anti-wrinkle injections are one of the most non-invasive and non-surgical ways to give you back relaxed, youthful looking skin. Estetica’s top line medical practitioners (not beauticians like some clinics) work with you for a fresh glow and well-rested look. “Anti Wrinkle Injection” softens forehead lines, frowns and crows feet.

Some clinics will talk you around to one size fits all package – but Estetica pride themselves on truly listening and advising each of their clients individually. In short they can give us Mums a bit of our mojo back.

Many clinics in Surrey are charging upwards of £400! At Estetica – we don’t need to. We have such a steady and long serving stream of happy customers that we can keep our prices low - £180 for three areas low.


So - no school gate horror, no frozen mullet and no second mortgages.

Lets face it – crowns feet – well they are for crows!

Book your “muscle relaxing injection “now


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A while back you could head to your high street beautician for a wax or aromatherapy massage.  There were blooming fresh flowers on the reception desk and lightly scented candles burning in the hall. Bliss…

To stay relevant with advances in the beauty industry – many of these traditional beauticians now offer facial aesthetics.  Their stores have changed almost overnight from beauty parlours to faux medical clinics touting all sorts of laser and injectable serums of youth.

The staff radiate assurance of their safety by carrying clipboards and dressing in crisply ironed Doctors coats.  As a professional medical practitioner – this is worrying.

At Estetica – our medical team earned their white coats through intense study and professionally recognised degrees.

Yes - we have skilled team members who offer waxing and massage – but we are a medical practice first and the line for safety and professionalism in our practice is very clear. 


Medical practitioners administer medicines and needles. 

I cannot recall the number of times we have had patients come to us for correctional treatment following a laser burn, skin scarring a drooping eyelid after a high street shot of Botox gone wrong. We are wholly committed to ethics and safety. 

Sadly, facial aesthetics is not a heavily enough regulated industry.  Training can be sparse and experience limited. It’s you – the client, who has the responsibility to check credentials. When you book in for a treatment, you cannot simply assume all practitioners are equal.  

So please, do your research.  You can search for us online – search and find our consistently top shelf reviews – “Visia Surrey”, “Restylane Surrey”, “Lip Fillers Surrey”.  Our information and credential are readily available.

At Estetica we know our clinicians from Medical Practitioners – and it’s got very little to do with what colour coat we are wearing.

Laser Hair removal Surrey – Halloween Offer


With Halloween fast approaching you have to ask yourself How Hairy is Scary?

Save the screams - Estetica Chertsey has a Halloween sale on.  If you book between now and October 31st for laser hair removal in Surrey you will receive:



If you are unhappy with excess hair growth, or you’d like to ditch that “natural” werewolf costume this Halloween and go for something more silky. 

Call us for a consultation 01932 570 099

Our laser treatments are for him and her in our state of the art practice in Chertsey. We not only have terrific reviews – we have the most advanced laser hair removal technologies available.  You will be in expert hands at Estetica with our trained professionals and highly experienced team.

We offer highly professional and competitively priced laser hair removal in Surrey.




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