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Dental, Cosmetic & Laser Treatments in Chertsey, Surrey
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Dental, Cosmetic & Laser Treatments in Chertsey, Surrey

Telephone 01932 570 099


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News & stories relating to our dental & cosmetic treatments.

Since I had INTRAcel, a non-surgical face lift, I have had the most compliments I have ever had about my skin in my entire life. That is not something you expect at 50.

In the past 4 months I have been subjected to a staggering 69,000 injections in my face with this latest treatment. The cosmetic world has moved on and now it is all about INTRAcel.


How does it work?...

INTRAcel injects radiofrequency heat energy into the deepest layers of the skin via needles as fine as a human hair. It works by creating thousands of microscopic wounds which stimulate tired old skin cells to go into overdrive to produce fresh young collagen. It is claimed to lead to tighter, firmer, brighter skin with small pores. It also said to lift sagging jawlines, soften crow’s feet, fill out acne scars, remove red veins and cure acne as it kills bacteria that cause spots and reduces the activity of oil glands on the skin.

The treatment is not like a pampering facial, there are needles involved, however the atmosphere and professionalism at estetica makes you so calm and relaxed that it does not feel painful.

I met Parisa, the lovely clinician who will be treating me. She’s a pharmacist and member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society with full training in INTRAcel. For the initial consultation we discussed the treatment and the medically prescribed creams I will need to use prior to treatment all carefully selected.

The needles…

Before treatment I was completely covered in numbing cream. I accidentally licked my lips to then be left with a numb tongue as well as face, but at least I knew I would be numb. Parisa started the micro-needling on my forehead. She switched to deeper needles on my cheek where there is more fat and shallow over the nose where there is more bone. The overall sensation is warmth but when the needles hit the bony areas there is a very brief bearable sharp pain.

The needling took less than half an hour and I was given a special cooling mask to place on my face for 15 mins.

Afterwards my face was very red with small droplets of blood under the skin. I am strictly not allowed to wear makeup but I had my big glasses to cover up.

As the redness started to fade I developed tiny scabs on my cheeks which I was informed would happen at the site where the needles entered. No pain No gain!

The next day I developed tiny bruises under my eyes. Parisa did warn me that a brief attack of acne may be a rare side effect but thankfully I did not get that.

Day five….

The skin around my eyes look fresher and it took 5 days for my skin to completely heal again.

Session two….

For this session I am quite nervous, but it is recommended for best results. This time things are very different. The redness faded in a few hours and I developed minimal scabs. The pain was much less as I knew what to expect more. My skin is much brighter, clearer and my jawline has tightened.

Third and last session……

This time the treatment was easy, I went a little bit pink, a few minute speckles of blood and barely there scabs which disappeared after a
few days.

My eyes have improved a considerable amount, my cheeks look fuller, my jawline tighter, my nose to mouth line is softer. Everything is lifted in my face.

My skin is glowing and my pores are much tighter giving a smooth appearance. Make up sits effortlessly on my skin now.

Results are so natural no one will know you had treatment however the compliments are guaranteed.

 It is a small price to pay for such amazing results.

Thank you to the estetica team and Parisa for her professional care.



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