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Dental, Cosmetic & Laser Treatments in Chertsey, Surrey
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Call 07821 119 351 between 6pm - 10pm to book

Dental, Cosmetic & Laser Treatments in Chertsey, Surrey

Telephone 01932 570 099

Call 07821 119 351 between 6pm - 10pm to book


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News & stories relating to our dental & cosmetic treatments.

 A crown is a dental restoration that completely covers or surrounds a tooth or dental implant and it is typically fixed to the tooth using traditional dental cement. They are used to protect and restore a broken, weakened or heavily filled tooth. Crowns can be made out of numerous materials, including metals and ceramics. Crowns are frequently used to improve strength or appearance of discoloured or crooked teeth.

What will my dentist do?

  • your dentist will shape the tooth so that when the artificial crown is fitted, it will be the same size and shape as a normal tooth
  • preparation time will depend on how damaged the tooth is and whether it needs to be built up first
  • if the tooth has died or there isn't enough left to support the crown it may have to be root-filled first -this is sometimes called 'removing the nerve'. The crown is sometimes held in place by a peg or post in the root canal if a lot of the tooth is missing
  • your dentist will use a soft mouldable material to make an exact impression of what remains of the tooth that is to be crowned and the adjacent teeth
  • a dental technician uses the impression to make the crown
  • a temporary crown made of plastic is usually put over the tooth until the permanent crown is made. You can chew on a temporary crown but it won't be as strong as the finished one
  • when the crown is fitted, you dentist may need to make small adjustments to make sure you can bite comfortably. The crown is tried on and then cemented into place

What are the benefits?

  • a crown is strong and can look and feel exactly like a natural tooth. The colour and shape can be matched to your own teeth
  • depending on the strength of the tooth underneath, a crown can last for many years if looked after well and is not accidentally damaged
  • crowns can also improve your appearance


What are the maintenance requirements for dental crowns?

Dental crowns need to be monitored on a periodic basis. Similarly to the natural teeth, teeth with crowns also need to be professionally cleaned. By doing so, some of the problems can be prevented and if detected, addressed early.


There are generally considered to be three teeth whitening options available today. The options rely heavily on your specific conditions and your preferences of treatments. Dr.Salimi can help you make the best determination and discuss which options will fit your goals and budget. The choices include: in-surgery whitening, take-home kits or the combination of the two.


Zoom whitening is an in-office bleaching process that is widely known for its ability to quickly brighten teeth because of effects of discoloration. The complete procedure takes about one hour, but a preliminary evaluation and teeth cleaning is recommended prior to the treatment. Just as in a more common in-office whitening procedure, the lips and gums are safely covered. Then the dentist will apply the patented Zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. The difference with Zoom is that its technique incorporates a special light that penetrates the teeth to break up stains and discoloration. During the process the patient is free to relax, watch TV, or listen to music.

Home- Kit

 Take-home kits offer the convenience of at your leisure teeth whitening and provide professional results. The kits incorporate lower-concentrate peroxide gels that are applied in custom made trays and worn in the mouth over night or for a select time period during the day.

Combination of both

If you want to maximize the result, the combination method is the best option.

Because bleaching is not a permanent treatment and its effect may last from about a year to a maximum of three years. With a few precautions on your part and regular touch ups with the home-kit, you may be able to maintain an everlasting white smile!


You deserve a bright, confident smile. Professional, in-surgery teeth whitening with Philips Zoom is safe, simple, and one of the fastest ways to improve the beauty of your smile. Plus, its new version is championed by dentists and patients as a pain-free, easy process.

Zoom White Speed Light-Activated Whitening System

The Zoom Chairside Light-Activated Gel greatly accelerates and enhances the whitening process, and delivers the dramatic results you will love. Along with the all-new Whitening LED Accelerator, your teeth can become up to eight shades lighter in just 60 minutes!

The gel and light work together gently to break up the stains on your teeth, while leaving the structure of your teeth unchanged. After just four 15-minute applications, you rinse and the treatment is complete, leaving you with a brighter, whiter smile.

Philips Zoom!

Almost anyone can benefit from teeth whitening, though the treatment may not be as effective for some as it is for others. Zoom achieves the greatest success in treating yellow staining from aging, tobacco, dark cola, tea, coffee, or red wine. If your teeth have gray shading from tetracycline or other chemicals, you may still see improved results, though they may be less dramatic. Our dentist will be able to determine the ideal level of whitening for your individual smile during your personalized shade assessment.

A beautiful, sparkling smile can give you a whole new outlook on life. Contact estetica on 01932570099 today to schedule an appointment for Philips Zoom whitening!

Although it is always necessary to pay careful attention to dental hygiene, this is none more important during pregnancy. For prospective mothers, it is crucial to keep a healthy mouth and teeth as your body goes through many changes and this means seeking regular dental care.

During pregnancy, your gums are particularly sensitive. Due to the change in oestrogen and progesterone levels, your gums can be swollen, tender and prone to bleeding. This means that there is also an increased risk of gum disease, which can spread at a much more rapid rate when you are pregnant. Left untreated, gum treatment during pregnancy could affect both mother and baby, so regular pregnancy dental treatment is very important. It is common for pregnant mothers to seek dental care up to 3 times during the length of their pregnancy.


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Frown line, forehead & eyes

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Lip Filler

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Smooth away facial lines


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Laser Hair

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Visia Skin

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