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Dental, Cosmetic & Laser Treatments in Chertsey, Surrey
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Dental, Cosmetic & Laser Treatments in Chertsey, Surrey

Telephone 01932 570 099


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News & stories relating to our dental & cosmetic treatments.

When I was 11 I went through very uncomfortable orthodontic treatment with the fixed train tracks. Fortunately it became a trend amongst my peers as most of us had them. We loved changing the colors, so I was not subject to bullying or feeling conscious about my appearance. I still did not like them very much as the cleaning ritual took forever. After they were removed I was so pleased! My teeth looked great!

Being a teenager, of course, I did not do as I was told and so as a result did not wear my retainer as much as I was meant to, so with time my teeth moved and now look crooked again. The financial side of having dental treatment scared me, but I decided to get peoples opinion and finally get something done…

Invisible braces? That sounds incredible! I did some google searches #dentalsurgerysurrey, #straightteeth #invisalignsurrey….

Unlike fixed braces, you can remove the invisalign aligners and put them back in again at any time so you end up with the straight new smile that transforms your life.


This dental clinic stood out for me. It was simple, no extra advertisement. Their reviews were a clear indication that I will be looked after.

I called and spoke to their friendly receptionist who booked me in for an appointment.

Consultation day…

What a beautiful clinic, feels like a spa! Truly a gem situated at the heart of Chertsey.

Dr Salimi, he completely understood my situation and was very professional. The treatment has finance options which means anyone can afford it. He examined my teeth and said I am a suitable candidate to go ahead with invisalign. I signed consent forms and finally I was ready to start!

Pictures were taken from several angles to be sent to America where they manufacture the trays. They get made there with high tech machines and precision detail. Impressions were taken and boxed to be dispatched.

CliniCheck demo appointment…

3D images of my teeth were shown to me on a screen, pre and post treatment and how they will move and look at the end of my treatment. Absolutely amazing change, I was very happy with the end result to come..

Each tray is worn for 22 hours a day, taken out when eating or drinking. He said my treatment will take approximately 18 months however this can slightly change as teeth may not move as fast as previously estimated and my own discipline wearing the trays.

I decided it is time and that I will go ahead with Invisalign. It fits my lifestyle. The treatment has given over 3 million people worldwide a reason to smile and I want to be one of them!

Invisalign Tray Fit day!...

I am ecstatic and cannot wait to try them on. This will officially be the start of my treatment the moment I put them on.

I received my first set of aligners and was surprised how easy they go in and click into place and remove. They are not uncomfortable at all. After a few hours I didn’t even realise they were there anymore. As the saliva gets into the trays they become completely invisible.

I receive my next set in 2 weeks’ time.

Month 4-9…

I can already see the change…my confidence has already elevated.

Month 9-17…

As I go through each set of aligners I can see my teeth getting closer to what I really want. The trays are still so comfortable and easy to handle and no one has noticed I am wearing them.

Month 19 Reveal Day!... ! “I broke down in tears of joy. I cannot explain the feeling of joy and relief you get.”

I went over a month as my teeth still had a little bit to go. But today was the day I had been waiting for! My aligner was removed to reveal my beautiful straight teeth! I broke down in tears of joy. I cannot explain the feeling of joy and relief you get.

I urge anyone who has suffered from having crowded teeth to go for this consultation. Dr Salimi has been extremely professional and understanding. His level of expertise and years of experience has been the best I have had during my years of dental treatment.

The surgery has a calm beautiful environment and does not feel like a sterile white hospital looking clinic.

Thank you so SO much Dr Salimi and the team! I cannot thank you enough! This has truly changed my life



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