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Dental, Cosmetic & Laser Treatments in Chertsey, Surrey
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Dental, Cosmetic & Laser Treatments in Chertsey, Surrey

Telephone 01932 570 099


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News & stories relating to our dental & cosmetic treatments.
Lots of people are scared of going to the dentist, but what if we told you that with a couple of lifestyle changes you could actually make your annual trip to the dentist’s chair a much more pleasant experience? Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Watch what you eat

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Try to limit the amount of sugary food you eat and your teeth will really thank you for it. It seems to be more about how frequently you’re eating sugar than the actual amount, so try not to eat too much each week.

Drink green tea

To help keep your teeth and gums healthy, green tea can actually work absolute wonders. Just have a cup every morning and it’ll soon become part of your routine. Ask your dentist if they notice a difference!

Use mouthwash

Some say that mouthwash doesn’t actually do anything but it’s great for rinsing your mouth out after you brush and getting rid of any residual bits of food. Plus it’ll make you smell minty fresh.

Don’t smoke

If you want to have a beautiful smile and lovely white teeth, put down that pack of cigarettes, avoid red wine and try not to drink too much coffee. If you can’t do any of that, try drinking a glass of water immediately afterwards to help reduce any staining.

And don’t forget that you can also go for cosmetic dentistry if you do need a bit of extra help. For dental implants in Surrey and more, call us at Estetica today.


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