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Dental, Cosmetic & Laser Treatments in Chertsey, Surrey
Telephone 01932 570 099 | Email
Call 07821 119 351 between 6pm - 10pm to book

Dental, Cosmetic & Laser Treatments in Chertsey, Surrey

Telephone 01932 570 099

Call 07821 119 351 between 6pm - 10pm to book


Reviews & Testimonials
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"Having had my bridge replaced with another bridge and then discovering that the tooth supporting the bridge was too bad to be saved, I found myself in the position of having two molars missing. As far as I was concerned a 'plate' was out of the question. Having heard about dental implants and discussing it with Dr Salimi, for me this was the way to go.

I had the titanium screws implanted under sedation and everything went very well, I was woken when it was all finished. The only discomfort I had was taken care of by taking painkillers for 24 hours, and a slight swelling for a few days Six months later the treatment was completed and I now have my new teeth, which feel no different to my own, and I know that they are secure. I can eat normally once again.

If you are reading this and thinking of having implants I would highly recommend you go ahead." - Mrs Andrews


"When Dr Salimi told me that my bridge had finally collapsed and that I would have to have a plate in future, I was disappointed. I had had partial plates before and I found them very difficult. In spite of using dental adhesives, I found they tended to move and prove very unreliable.

Then Dr Salimi suggested that I might consider having several implants to hold the plate in place and this is the best thing he could have recommended. The implants hold the plate in very firmly (sometimes it is even difficult to extract the plate). The implants were very painlessly and quickly inserted and within two weeks I was able to attach my new plate.

I am very happy that Dr Salimi persuaded me to have this treatment and would happily recommend it to anyone." - Mr Martin


"For many months my teeth had been troubling me, several were loose and the thought of wearing dentures did not appeal to me. A colleague of mine recommended Estetica Dental Clinic as she was extremely pleased with her dental treatment there.

Following consultation with Dr Salimi, dental implants were recommended; all my questions and concerns were answered in depth. Detailed information was sent to me on the proposed treatment, length of time expected and excellent competitive prices.

I decided on having six dental implants and during the months I visited estetica Dental Clinic I received expert painless treatment form Dr Salimi. I was made to feel totally at ease and nothing was too much trouble. All the staff were kind, very friendly and efficient; the service I received was exceptional. I am absolutely delighted with my dental implants. I not only look better, I smile with confidence and the results are brilliant.

I highly recommend Esteticaa Dental Clinic with its up to date highly technical equipment and Dr Salimi's expertise and commitment in delivering quality dental treatment." - Mrs Adamson


"I am delighted with the results of having a crown fitted to replace a previously cracked tooth. I realised that my smile in photographs was guarded to hide the defect and summoned up courage to ask for professional advice. I need not have worried, as all my fears were instantly laid to rest by the expert treatment and understanding of my nervousness.

The process was not painful and surprisingly quick. My new crown was fitted in 20 minutes! I can't believe how much more confident I feel now and will certainly have some more corrective treatment carried out as a result of the very successful result." - Mrs Saunders


"Following a childhood accident I have never been happy with the shape of my front teeth. I felt cosmetic surgery was an option and went for a consultation at Estetica with Dr Salimi in summer 2007. He explained all of my options clearly and I decided on whitening followed by 6 veneers on my top front teeth.

After the whitening process and 2 visits for the procedure I had a brand new smile by October. A year on with no problems what so ever it's been one of the best decisions I've made and would recommend it to anyone in a similar situation.

Thank you from one very happy client." - Mrs Blount